Parts of the Bogu and Valid Striking Points

Here are the various parts of the bogu (kendo armor):

Valid striking points during kendo shiai can depend slightly on what kamae is adopted by your opponent.

AGAINST CHUDAN-NO-KAMAE, the following indicates valid striking areas:
(RED areas/targets are not valid)
ATTENTION:  Note that against Chudan, the opponent's hidari kote is NOT a valid target area.  The opponent's hidari dou IS a valid target area, but the illustration above did not permit enough room to indicate this.

AGAINST JODAN-NO-KAMAE, the following indicates valid striking points:

ATTENTION:  Note that the above illustrates an opponent in HIDARI Jodan-no-kamae.  The same valid striking areas are also available against MIGI Jodan-no-kamae.

AGAINST NITO-RYU (TWO-SWORD STYLE), the following indicates valid striking points:

To emphasize the proper datotsu-bu (valid striking area) of each target, please take note: